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Julia Karpova, captain of Dynamo St. Petersburg. Gifs from SKAtv video. Father was a hockey player as well. When she was young they lived in Finland where her dad was playing (for Kärpät) and she had an accent when speaking. The first two gifs are from a charity game where Karpova checked every opponent including Kovalchuk and (picted here) Malkin who tripped her and then made a diving motion.


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Yeah I’ll be wearing my Team Canada Jersey.”
“Yeah? Well I’ll be wearing my gold medal.

Gallagher and Galchenyuk’s response to whether they would be watching the world juniors this year. (via readmyhockeymind)


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BGally is such a dick. AGally’s response is basically perfect.

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[Mary Poppins author P.L.] Travers was a feisty, stereotype-breaking bisexual — a single mom who adopted a baby in her 40s, studied Zen meditation in Kyoto, and was publishing erotica about her silky underwear 10 years before Walt had sketched his mouse. Now that’s a character worth slapping on-screen, instead of this stiff British stereotype determined to steal joy from future generations of children. With her longtime girlfriend and then-adult son erased, this frigid Travers seems like she may not even know how babies are made. Maybe Mary Poppins could sing her a song about it.

Why does it matter that Saving Mr. Banks sabotages its supposed heroine? Because in a Hollywood where men still pen 85 percent of all films, there’s something sour in a movie that roots against a woman who asserted her artistic control by asking to be a co-screenwriter. (Another battle she lost — Mary Poppins’ opening credits list Travers as merely a “consultant.”) Just as slimy is the sense that this film, made by a studio conglomerate in a Hollywood dominated by studio conglomerates, is tricking us into cheering for the corporation over the creator.

-Amy Nicholson, on why Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks Is a “Corporate, Borderline-Sexist Spoonful of Lies”. (via infectedworldmind)

welp there goes my interest in the film

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I was wondering, given the truth about Travers’ disgust with Disney, how Disney was even willing to make such a film.

Now I get it.


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PL Travers was a badass, and as much as I love Emma Thompson there is no way I’m watching this shitty film.

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Me too. Goddammit. 

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High School Fads, 1944

"out to get herself a man" you go ann

Of course Betty Dupree isn’t interested in men. She’s going steady with Betty Chaney

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Jimmy, Mariah Carey and The Roots singing “All I want for Christmas Is You” with classroom musical instruments. Enough said. 

This is basically perfect 

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Tracy Chapman

—Fast Car

And your arm felt nice wrapped ‘round my shoulder,
and I had a feeling that I belonged.

Remember that time we found out this was Hallsy and Ebs’s pre-game song?

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Come on, Santiago! You never would’ve taken that job, so why’d you even care that they offered it to me?

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